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20 Apr 2017 If you believe budtender wisdom, consuming a strain called Bubba in the U.K. in 2010—“has equal amounts of THC and CBD,” he adds. Visit Secret Nature CBD to get the highest quality Dough Boy - CBD Hemp Flowers, only premium and 100% organic indoor grown products. 17 Nov 2015 Depending on who you talk to, there's a strain of cannabis roughly We got six strains of high-CBD, low-THC cannabis, all of which cost  Sunkiss CBD is an ideal Wake and Bake or functional situation strain. It is a great strain for focus and productivity. Cerebrally stimulating without causing anxiety, 

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Over the 420 holiday weekend, DOPE Magazine celebrated its 4th annual DOPE Cup in Seattle, Washington. Here's a list of the flower, concentrate, and edible winners. It's the Year of the MAC. Plus Sherbacio, Dosi Punch, OZ Kush, and classics like Durban. Stop and smell the harvest flowers with Leafly's definitive list of the best of the harvest. What's the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis strains? This guide is meant to familiarize you with marijuana types and their commonly overlooked nuances. If you are new to cannabis, you might have no idea where to start when it comes to selecting the best cannabis strains. You want to know what to experiment with and how each strain will affect you. All the high-CBD strains felt to me like a gentle ennui eraser, but Harle-Tsu hit the Xanax sweet spot, without high hemp strains leafly tincture a potentially addictive pharmaceutical that turns you into a robot: All worry was gone, and my… Kynd Cannabis Company provides Medical Marijuana, Legal Recreational Marijuana, Cannabis Sales, Flowers, Edibles and Concentrates to Dispensaries.

CBD OG (CRAFT) cannabis strain by CRAFT - Unknown Genetics: reports, photos, and genetics.

10 May 2018 Charlotte's Web is perhaps the most famous high-CBD strain due to the worldwide news coverage of Charlotte Figi, for whom the strain was  strain information and behind-the-scenes images of our cannabis products. Ambition. [Blue Dream]. Dried Cannabis. THC: 21%. CBD: 0%. TYPE: Sativa  20 Apr 2017 I also couldn't find any trace of a strain called Banana Clip on the web, strains you find on the street, and indicates THC and CBD content. 2:1 (CBD:THC) A great daytime tincture with wonderful pain and inflammation relieving properties, coming from the high CBD strain. THC: 1.65mg CBD: 3.33mg 

Now offering CBD genetics for popular cultivars like OG 78 and beyond. Now offering CBD genetics for popular cultivars like OG 78 and beyond. Advertise on Leafly. City, province, or postal code Leafly keeps personal information safe, secure, and anonymous. Change …

Leafly lays off employees amid new leadership, a study says most CBD products are improperly labeled, and Detroit voters approve pro-medical marijuana laws. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Leafly prunes workforce Layoffs are unusual in the rapidly expanding marijuana industry. Photos of CBD OG Weed Strain Buds | Leafly See photos of CBD OG cannabis buds. Browse user-submitted photos of CBD OG weed and upload your own images of this marijuana strain. Leafly Archives - Hemp CBD News How Leafly’s husky, Topper, Benefited from CBD from Everyone, meet Topper. Topper is one among many of our office dogs here at the Leafly … Subscribe to Hemp CBD News's Blog to stay up to date with the latest Hemp CBD news and benefits! First Name Last Name Email address: CBD OG Kush | CBD Crew CBD OG Kush. OG Kush is popular strain throughout the world for it's strong effects as a THC plant, but it changes dramatically as a CBD enriched version, CBD OG Kush. Still with the effects of THC, but with a freshness and clarity that is quite high for the normal Kush …